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More Reviews for No One Lives Twice

October 13, 2010

Well, some more reviews are in for No One Lives Twice.  I hope you enjoy them and thanks to all the reviewers who take the time to provide thorough and thoughtful reviews!!!

Love, Julie


“I really enjoyed the characters and world of computer hacking and international spies that basically landed on Lexi’s lap. One minute she was heading to dinner with her folks. The next minute she has a gun in her face and hired thugs threatening her life. Lexi is easily to relate to and root for . . . The best part of this story was the incredibly original story line. It will keep you on your toes and the plot is both timely and completely believable.”  Tales of Whimsy (


“Lexi Carmichael is the stereotypical computer geek and social misfit. However, beneath the fashion disasters and social missteps lies an entertaining narrator. In addition to being highly skilled, she views the world in a way that will make readers enjoy being inside her head. Not surprisingly, her take on life has more than a bit of snarkiness to it, but she’s also a logical thinker and a little more self aware than many similar characters I have read.”  All About Romance (


“This was a fun book. Think 1/3 Stephanie Plum, 1/3 Lisbeth Salander, and 1/3 James Bond . . . There are hot kisses, agents on stakeouts, world traveling, handcuffs, and another sexy guy named Elvis . . . I had a few chuckles and a whole lot of fun wondering what mess Lexi was going to end up in next.” Tara at Good Reads (


“Thugs, Guns and Hot Guys – Oh my . . . I can’t wait until the next Lexi book so I can see just how her life has changed and who will get the upper hand in the romance department – Slash or Finn.  No One Lives Twice is a humorous look at the world of secret agents and enemy plots that will become an instant favorite series.”  Joyfully Reviewed (


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