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Not Your Usual Suspects

I feel honored to be part of a great group of romantic suspense and mystery writers who are launching a terrific blog that we’d love to have you come and visit.  We’ve titled it Not Your Usual Suspects and we are featuring an international array of authors who are writing mysteries, suspense and romantic suspense. The premises and story lines are different than your “run of the mill” mysteries as you can tell by our group’s name. We tend to write what is considered outside the box and are published by Carina Press as well as other publishers. There will be freebies, fun and thrills.  We hope that you’ll stop by and peruse the site a bit. Today, launch day, I will be giving away a free e-copy of my humorous cyber-sleuthing mystery, No One Lives Twice.  Come by and comment to enter!!

More Reviews for No One Lives Twice

Well, some more reviews are in for No One Lives Twice.  I hope you enjoy them and thanks to all the reviewers who take the time to provide thorough and thoughtful reviews!!!

Love, Julie


“I really enjoyed the characters and world of computer hacking and international spies that basically landed on Lexi’s lap. One minute she was heading to dinner with her folks. The next minute she has a gun in her face and hired thugs threatening her life. Lexi is easily to relate to and root for . . . The best part of this story was the incredibly original story line. It will keep you on your toes and the plot is both timely and completely believable.”  Tales of Whimsy (


“Lexi Carmichael is the stereotypical computer geek and social misfit. However, beneath the fashion disasters and social missteps lies an entertaining narrator. In addition to being highly skilled, she views the world in a way that will make readers enjoy being inside her head. Not surprisingly, her take on life has more than a bit of snarkiness to it, but she’s also a logical thinker and a little more self aware than many similar characters I have read.”  All About Romance (


“This was a fun book. Think 1/3 Stephanie Plum, 1/3 Lisbeth Salander, and 1/3 James Bond . . . There are hot kisses, agents on stakeouts, world traveling, handcuffs, and another sexy guy named Elvis . . . I had a few chuckles and a whole lot of fun wondering what mess Lexi was going to end up in next.” Tara at Good Reads (


“Thugs, Guns and Hot Guys – Oh my . . . I can’t wait until the next Lexi book so I can see just how her life has changed and who will get the upper hand in the romance department – Slash or Finn.  No One Lives Twice is a humorous look at the world of secret agents and enemy plots that will become an instant favorite series.”  Joyfully Reviewed (

Being Social

I’m a pretty outgoing and social person.  When I published my first book waaaaay back in 1993, I didn’t realize there was a social part to writing a book.  Being an author seemed quite the solitary profession and I really didn’t have that many connections to my readers.  Nonetheless, I rented a post office box and it was lovely to get letters forwarded to me from my publisher.  They would trickle in slowly, but I saved all of them.

Fast forward nearly twenty years and I’m a bit overwhelmed with the social piece of being an author today.  I not only have to write a book, but I also have to figure out how to successfully use Twitter, Facebook, a website, my own blog, my publisher’s blog and my publisher’s online community.  Yikes!!!  Not to mention, I have to do all this and still manage a teen, a toddler, a neurotic dog and a household.

Anyway, I hope you’ll be patient with me as I figure all this out.  I feel like I’m slowly but steadily getting the hang of everything.  I apologize for not updating my blog for a while.  But I really do have a good excuse.  I was working hard finishing up No One To Trust (Book 2 in my Lexi Carmichael cyber-sleuthing series).  However, now that the book is finished (hurrah!!) and in the capable hands of my editor, it means I’m free to once again focus on being social.

I would love it if you would tell me which of the social networks you use the most and which ones you think would be the most important for me to keep up.  I’d really appreciate the guidance!

On my nightstand (or what I’m currently reading): Sizzle by Julie Garwood

Reviews on No One Lives Twice

Getting reviews can be nail biting, but they have started to come in. Enjoy.



From Night Owl Reviews ****TOP PICK**** 5 out of 5 stars

“I absolutely, positively loved this book. I could so relate with Lexie. I found the humor terrific. I couldn’t find a single thing I didn’t like about this book except it ended. I want more adventures with Lexie.”


Read the entire interview at


From Goodreads:

….I wonder if this is the beginning of a series? I can see it going somewhere. I had a few chuckles and a whole lot of fun wondering what mess Lexi was going to end up in next. Tara 4 out of 5 stars



From Nights and

….. although the supporting characters aren’t as quirky as those in Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series—nor are they as over-the-top as the characters in a Bond flick—they’re often just plain irresistible. From suave super-hacker and Enrique Iglesias lookalike Slash to dashing Finn Shaughnessy to the lovably nerdy Zimmerman twins (whose names, incidentally, are Elvis and Xavier), they help to create a well-rounded cast of characters who just happen to be brimming with character.  Kristin Dreyer Kramer

A great review with a thorough story line can be found at:

First Blog and First book from Carina Press

Hurrah!!  My book No One Lives Twice releases today, August 16, from Carina Press in electronic book form.  It’s now available at my publisher’s website,,,,,,,, and a ton of other online sites.

Releasing exclusively in electronic form is a new experience for me.  Personally, I like it because it’s economical and environmental.  I also think it’s the wave of the future.  This doesn’t mean I still don’t like reading traditional books, because I do.  But I’m ready to try something new – to be a part of a bold new experience in publishing. How about you???

Worried that you can’t read the book because you don’t have an e-reader?  No problem.  You DO NOT need an e-reader to read No One Lives Twice. You DON’T need a Kindle, a Nook, or an iPad, although if you have one, yeah you!!! Any computer or smartphone should do the trick. All you have to do is either buy the PDF version of the book OR download a free Kindle app for your computer or phone.

PDF: Carina, along with many other electronic publishers, allows you to buy books in PDF format direct from their website. You add the book to your shopping cart, choose the PDF version when prompted to do so, and after you pay, you’re given the opportunity to download the file. You’ll then have a PDF, which you can read right on your PC or Mac.

Free Kindle apps for your phones: Amazon wants your e-book business too much to limit sales only to customers who’ve bought a Kindle. With that in mind, they’ve created free Kindle apps for Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, BlackBerries, and Androids. All you have to do is go to the Kindle Store, choose the appropriate application for your device, and follow the instructions to download. Then, go back to the Kindle Store and download the book.

Happy reading and please do stop by my website ( or Facebook site ( and let me know what you think of the novel!!


(Thanks to Susanna Fraser who compiled this information and whose historical romance novel, The Sergeant’s Lady, will release in e-book form from Carina Press on August 23.  You can get more information on Susanna and her book at